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IvanGolota - jewelry designer

I'm freelance jeweler and free artist

IvanGolota faceHi, all

It's so exciting - to search for new meetings on the network. It's like fishing.

I'm homeless and jewelry designer from Ukraine.
My wife drove me out of the house because of my demonstrative protest adultery, and now I live in deserted rural huts, tending the garden. But income for child support all the same. It's the only thing I know how to make qualified, despite my philosophical diploma of higher education.s
The last 15 years I earned as a freelancer, 3d-modeling the custom jewelry. Basically it was a copy of brands, and rarely original designs.
According to belief, I always was for equality and against luxury and hate the jewelry world. Although was loved beauty. But after the outbreak of the civil war in Ukraine, I hated the world of wealth especially flamingly and sworn never to take an exclusive order. I think, it is not wise, to hammer a nails brand-coping by microscope of my creativity. And now I have to find a way out to the western mass customer, since the local mass customer rapidly impoverished because of the political unrest and fratricide.
I have enough experience with local jewelers and release of finished fine jewelry of the highest rank.
I have my own diy CNC-router (I myself assembled it), and can cut the wax models for sale. You can also buy many of jewelry 3D models, I have.

Because I'm lazy, and it's so hard to seat myself to laptop for hated work, I promise myself to create a fresh new jewelry design for every day. So do not be surprised, that a lot of my projects are presented on this site in the alpha version, or even a sketch of the idea. Attempting to create freely, i am looking for demand for these designs in the network. I have many ideas, but little perseverance for them. If someone is interested in something, connect me, and I try to bring it to the finished state promptly.
I am interested in the thematic work, and I'm looking for like-minded people rather than consumers.

Below are some complete original author's jewelry designs, which can be ordered now via Etsy or Shapeways.
Sorry my English

Write me at golota@golota.kiev.ua
Skype: IvanGolota

My last jewelry designs, updetes and extentions

In_Google_we_trust_pendant_golota Purge3_pendant_golotaSkyDiver_pendant_golotaViva_crisis_pendantUltimate_war_ring_golotaEtherling_pendantKolhoz_Diamond_wedding_rings