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Catalog of jewelry 3d-models


This is the directory of my stock 3d models jewelry earrings. All these earrings modeled myself during 10 years of jewelry work.
Many of 3d-models of earrings have already been made in the metal, and I have the pictures of ready jewelleries.
Extensions information for each lot will be added gradually.

Many of these earrings was modeled in set to the corresponding rings and pendants.
All earrings can be rapidly resized. Most of them can be varied in size stones. Term correction 3d model - 1 day.

You can order a wax model and even completely finished jewelries through Etsy or directly. Earrings out "Original models of earrings" can also be purchased in the form of digital 3D-model. I work in partnership with local Ukrainian jewelers.Thay are very affordable for finished jewelry prices: $ 33 per gram of gold 585 and $ 5 per gram of silver 925 .

Simple models can be materialized through 3d-printing service Shapeways.com in a wide variety of metals, including silver, gold and platinum.
Send me an email and I immediately give you more information about any of the items, including information about the weight and price of the finished decorations.
Sorry for my English.

Original models of earrings (designs from IvanGolota)

atlantis earrings Butterfly_chain_earringsearrings - Russian beautyspring_earringsZodiac_pendant

Other earrings (copies of brands, replicas, etc.)

Moth_earrings_popovblu radiance_earingsAchaea_earringsMaple Leaf earringswar Disc_earringsKleopatra_earings