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Prometheus pendant

Flaming heart necklace


All of us, progressive-minded people, originally from Babylon. And our spiritual father - a hero Prometheus. Mankind turns squirrel in a wheel to a predefined self-destruction. From barbarism - to misfortune and then to universal destruction.
Only the rebellious fire of truth able to save us all. The spark will kindle a flame of Prometheus world revolution.
This original pendant thought for philosophical rebels.
Prometheus Fire burning in our hearts.

I can make a ring-model, a bracelet or an earrings in the set of pendant

You can order it maded in the best quality by my Ukrainian jewelers via Etsy
You can order it via my shop on Shapeways.com
Item can be resized to your size by demand.
You also may to order a quality - CNC cut - wax model for this pendant for 35$

This 3d-model can be materialized through 3d-printing service Shapeways.com in a wide variety (more than 20 kinds) of metals, including precious - silver, gold and platinum.
Pricing for the size of 38 mm in height (about 10 g weight) in the manufacture through Shapeways.com:

$25 - stainless steel $31 - gold steel $45 - brass $85 - silver


U also can order this 3dp-model for $18 here

Additional images for this Flaming heart pendant