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Small Unicorny pendant

Look at Mi-mi-mi Jewelry



Sometimes I copy a brand jewelry to order.
In general, I try not to do it, because I have enough of my own ideas for jewelry design. But sometimes jewelry, which sameone want to get with the passing of its author, is so well, that it is difficult to resist the temptation to partake of beauty.
It is good to do for learning design.
How they write a few years ago in our jewelry directory, if they do not copy of your design, then you are no one!

So it was with this mi-mi-mi ring with a small unicorn. The young man wanted to get it as a present for his girlfriend. But the author (Kochut) set for it too expensive prise for this customer.
Design was so successful, that I immediately made on the basis of its a pendant, and now I bring it to your attention. Let the image of the little unicorn is not mine, but is a steal, I hope will offer a series of original similar mi-mi-mi jewelry for you.

I can make earrings on the basis of this design

You can order it maded in the best quality by my Ukrainian jewelers via Etsy. Or directly. Just wright me to golota@gmail.com

In 925 silver it cost over $80 (free shipping).

U also can order this 3dp-model for $18 here

Thank you.


Additional images for this Little Unicorny pendant

Small Unicorny pendantSmall Unicorny pendantSmall Unicorny pendantSmall Unicorny ringSmall Unicorny pendantSmall Unicorny pendant