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Viva crisis pendant

Left dawn Order

This icon I thought after the start of the mortgage crisis of 2008. It seemed to me that a discovered holes in bank balance brings for all of us a wind of change. Postmodernism have a stifling, musty atmosphere. Every man for himself, and a dollar for everyone.
Today, I am already nostalgic for the days when it was still relatively peaceful. Rich were busy with their money, but they did not touch the poor. Today, they they already grab us by the lapels and throw them into the cars going to the war unleashed by them. Wars that are designed to cut through the Gordian knot of economic contradictions that wealthy gentlemen are clocked up its policies.
Can I now sincerely shout "Viva Crizis"?
Can we expect good from the winds of change, wich this interminable crisis have already brought?
I do not know. You decide.
But I like this icon anyway.

You can order it maded in the best quality by my Ukrainian jewelers via Etsy
You can order it via my shop on Shapeways.com
Item can be resized to your size by demand.
You also may to order a quality - CNC cut - wax model for this pendant for 35$

This 3d-model can be materialized through 3d-printing service Shapeways.com in a wide variety (more than 20 kinds) of metals, including precious - silver, gold and platinum.
Pricing for the size of 30 mm in height (about 7 g weight) in the manufacture through Shapeways.com:

$18 - stainless steel $24 - gold steel $35 - brass $60 - silver

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