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Final war ring

To perpetual peace


We are all people of good will, we want peace in the world.
But the simple pacifism, simple rejection of violence - lack of realism. There are so much angry, nervous and intolerant people around of us .
We, people of good will demand to bring the war beyond the law. But for this we need the strength to implement this law in life. We want the people world government.
Only one war can be justified.
This should be the last, unconditional war - a war for perpetual peace.
This ring is created for those who think the same way. I joined together the Pacific and rifle sight and got this ambiguous dialectic character.
This is a ring for militant pacifists.

Ring can be easily converted into earrings or pendant. Can be resised to your size.
You can order it maded in the best quality by my Ukrainian jewelers via Etsy
You can order it via my shop on Shapeways.com
Item can be resized to your size by demand.
You also may to order a quality - CNC cut - wax model for this pendant for 30$

This 3d-model can be materialized through 3d-printing service Shapeways.com in a wide variety (more than 20 kinds) of metals, including precious - silver, gold and platinum.
Pricing for the size of 19 mm in diameter (about 12 g weight) in the manufacture through Shapeways.com:

- $ 25 - raw stainless steel
- $ 32 - polished gold steel
- $ 45 - brushed brass
- $ 83 - polishing silver

U also can order this 3dp-model for $18 here

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