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Обручалки Kolhoz_Diamond

Кольца для молодоженов от земли


Это фирменные кольца от еще неоформленного виртуального ювелирного проекта "Колхоз Diamond".
Дизайн мой. Я люблю село фатальной любовью, чего и вам желаю. Украину спасет возрожденное село.

Кольца из комбинации серебра и красного золота.
При изготовлении у земляков-партнеров - недорого - 300$ пара.
500 - целиком золотые.
Цена зависит от размера.

You can order it maded in the best quality by my Ukrainian jewelers via Etsy
You can order it via my shop on Shapeways.com
Item can be resized to your size by demand.
You also may to order a quality - CNC cut - wax model for this pendant for 50$

This 3d-model can be materialized through 3d-printing service Shapeways.com in a wide variety (more than 20 kinds) of metals, including precious - silver, gold and platinum.
Pricing for the middle size for pair rings in the manufacture through Shapeways.com:

$45 - stainless steel $58- gold steel $79 - brass $134 - silver

Delivery is considered separately. The print service has offices not only in the US but also in the Netherlands

Experience has taught me not to throw my 3D model unnecessarily. Therefore, I add items to Shapeways, when there is a real demand. Write to me and I immediately framed item.
Thank you.

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